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November 18, 2012
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2210 RWE What Happened in Budapest by alexpeanut 2210 RWE What Happened in Budapest by alexpeanut

RWE What Happened in Budapest 2210

Basic Information

Registered Name: RWE What Happened in Budapest 2210
Stable Name:Hawkeye
Breed: Pure Nordanner
Age: 7
Gender: Stallion
Height: 15hh
Coat: Black Peafowl
Genotype: EE aa nPwl
Potion: Goldenwing. His wings unfortunately had to be amputated, leaving behind stumps that sit just above his shoulderblades.
Tack: RWE | Aerial Tack by alexpeanut
Foal Design:
Brushes: Having trouble drawing his peafowling? Try my brush pack;
Bloodlines: Kharybdis 1783 x Yoshi Bug 882
-------------------------------------------SSS: SKG Natfjer 1267 :trophy:
-----------------------SS: SKG Smeltet Is 1379
-------------------------------------------SSD: AC Ice Cream Sundae 1338 :star:
Sire: Kharybdis 1783 :star:
-------------------------------------------SDS: Casino 1239 :star:
-----------------------DS: Nimue 1492 :star:
-------------------------------------------SDD: FW Luciana 880
-------------------------------------------DSS: Unknown
-----------------------DS: AC Before The Storm 465
-------------------------------------------DSD: Unknown
Dam: Yoshi Bug 882
-------------------------------------------DDS: Unknown
-----------------------DD: AC Secrets of Zalika 94
-------------------------------------------DDD: Unknown

SSDS: NWS Daihmin 476 :trophy:
SSDD: Femme Fatel 840 :star:
SDDS: WCDW Eximius 127 :star:
SDDD: SC Aithne 850 :star:
SSDSS: DFF Arina 474 :trophy:
SSDSD: SDS Shiya 98 :trophy:
SSDDS: SC Ryhfedd 120 :star:
SSDDD: SH Ulmende 149
SDDSS: Felagi 472 :star:
SDDSD: TRR Windspiel 79 :star:
SDDDS: DBVR Majeed 126 :trophy:
SDDDD: O' Mistress Mine 123 :trophy:

Background Information

Registries: Nordanner

History: Hawkeye was bred at Happy Horse Stables and spent the first six years of his life there under the care of Jason and Heather Kalen. They gave him Goldenwing at age five, but a tragic flying accident six months later resulted in Jason's death. Severe damage to Hawkeye's wings meant they had to be amputated, leaving him with stumps. Heather was unable to keep him and sold him to DVE. To read the full story go here. He was later moved to RWE to be kept with Aris, who he acts as a steadying agent for.

Temperament: Hawkeye is energetic and a little ADHD when in the presence of others, and will only sober up and focus under saddle with a very firm hand. If he doesn't trust his handler explicitly he can be an absolute nightmare to handle, but paired with the right person he responds like a dream and seems to have a sixth sense for doing exactly what his handler wants even before asked. Around other horses he projects typical boneheaded stallion behavior but has been traumatized by the accident and when left alone becomes quite withdrawn.

- Short for his breed, but stocky and powerfully built
- Since the accident is afraid of thunderstorms. Always likes to have the higher ground, clearly missing the ability to fly.
- If left undisturbed will stand still and simply observe for hours on end.
- In a weird sort-of relationship with Aris.

- Hawkeye was the first breeding I orchestrated through Nordanner
- He is inspired by The Avengers' Hawkeye, although has strayed quite far off-model since conception.

Breeding Information

Status: Open - see rules
Genotype: EE aa nPwl

Nordanner Breeding Rules*Updating breeding "rules" to be more clear
Here's the bottom line; I'm looking to place these foals into story-based homes.
Not loving, not caring, story based. I don't care if you love little Chestnut with all your heart and would just die to get him the perfect playmate out of one of my horses. (Well, I do care, it's just that I don't believe you because everyone says that.) What I'm interested in is finding homes where the foal will further an ongoing plot line you have. I want to hear a reason for obtaining the foal other than that you think the offspring would be pretty or that it rounds out the mutation collection you're amassing.
If I sound bitter it's just because I see so many Nordanners bought and sold like luggage and it makes me sick at heart to see such chances for personality get thrown away. Hoarding and over-breeding are equally painful for me to see, which is why I'm so miserly with my horses' slots.
I promise actually getting a slot is easy. If I feel like the foal i

Breeding Slots:
1. ErinHK
2. Angel-Creek-Ranch
3. hana-nisshoku-kamazi


- Point Systems-
RWE What Happened in Budapest 2210
K a a r i n g - 165.5pts
Reference: 1pts
Uncoloured: 0.5pts
+ 0.5
Partial Body: 20pts
+ 0.5
+ 3 (3 standard, 1 training)
+ 0.5
+ 0.5
+ 0.5
+ 0.5
+ 0.5
+ 3.5 (animation, story - 500)
New Year presents by samvd + 0.5
Mass Nordannerness by EdithSparrow + 0.5
Enemies by alexpeanut + 0.5
A Festive Affair by Zandromina + 2.5
Part One: Commission for Zandromina by Queenified + 0.5
Hawkeye by Angel-Creek-Ranch + 1.5 (training)
Concessions by alexpeanut + 1.5 (training)
Undertaker by alexpeanut + 2.5 (animation)
Hey! by Zandromina + 0.5
Fullbody: 13pts
DWR What Happened in Budapest 2210 by alexpeanut + 1
Frolicking Little Danger by Zandromina + 1
Wild and Reckless by Zandromina + 1
Commission for Zandromina no. 1 by PONYGIRL4 + 1
Hawkeye by RadiantDarkness-II + 1
I'll give you wings! by Ashlynper + 1
Strut by alexpeanut + 1
Playdate Contest for alexpeanut by GaaraXSaiFan + 1
Hoteye by alexpeanut + 1

Ref: I looost the reeeef I'm sorry lol. Alex and I spent ten minutes looking for it.
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